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IA Group: your legal partner

Legal partnerships present both challenges and opportunities. They can help you grow your business by bringing in more experts, capital and risk management services, or they can feel restrictive or even threatening to entrepreneurs who want to maintain personal control of their businesses. As always, finding a balanced approach is crucial to successful partnerships. IA Group, our newest legal partner, is a law firm that helps companies develop and implement effective employee benefit programs.


IA Group is a global law firm providing legal solutions to companies. Founded in 1995 and now present in more than 60 countries and a plethora of industries, IA Group, a team of senior corporate lawyers, has been serving multinational corporations, governments, investors and entrepreneurs for more than 20 years. Corporate law is a complex area of law that requires the legal guidance of IA Group. IA Group offers a wide range of legal services, including corporate structuring and acquisition, corporate governance and compliance, regulatory assistance and litigation. If you need to address a wide range of legal issues, IA Group may be able to serve you.

A law firm can derive several benefits from working with a legal partnership. For example, it can have a wider range of specialized knowledge than a solo practitioner. Especially in niches or practice areas, this is often the case. Cooperation with other firms can also provide law firms with more capital. Moreover, law firms can expand their reach by partnering with other firms. This can be especially beneficial for multinational firms operating in several countries. Law firms can also benefit from legal partnerships by reducing risk. In particular, joint ventures are risky for law firms, but can also be beneficial. If a law firm partners with another firm, it is important to consider whether there are sufficient safeguards in place.


IA Group provides a wide range of legal services to a large number of clients. If you are considering working with IA Group, you will want to determine what type of partnership makes the most sense for your firm. The following are some types of partnerships: Joint ventures, in which both firms share the profits and risks of the business, are one of the available options. Retainers are lawyers hired to handle a particular matter for the client. Retainer and service contracts are similar, with the exception that the latter is longer and more extensive. Law firms can share each other’s property through equity investment partnerships. This is a more complicated relationship between law firms. In this relationship, the parties keep their relationship confidential. IA Group is the international partner for clients with difficult legal issues.