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Presenting the 6 Best Video Wall for 2023

Video walls have become a rising trend in the world of digital marketing, trade shows, and events. A video wall is a giant screen that’s made up of multiple smaller screens that are placed side by side to create a larger visual made up of numerous individual videos, pictures, or graphics. In the current digital era, video walls are crucial to delivering an immersive experience, and experts predict they will continue to dominate in 2023, with numerous advancements being made to the technology. In this blog post, we will present you with the six best video walls to look out for in 2023.

1. The LG 55SVH7F

The LG 55SVH7F features sharp, vivid, and eye-catching resolution thanks to its narrow bezel, making it perfect for indoor use. It comes with a 1.8mm border that delivers an immersive viewing experience. The video wall also provides a life-like image that is great for presentations, events, and advertising visuals.

2. Samsung UMH-E Series

Touted as one of the world’s thinnest video walls, the Samsung UMH-E Series is incredibly versatile and sturdy. It has an ultra-slim and sleek design to save space, making it ideal for indoor use, including TV broadcasting, videoconferencing, and control rooms.

3. Christie Velvet Apex Series

Offering high resolution and brightness, the Christie Velvet Apex Series is a reliable video wall with various options for design and installation. It comes with a noise-free construction and an innovative APEX Brightness Enhancement technology that delivers a full-color range, even in challenging light conditions.


The NEC UN552VS-TMX9P is excellent for anyone looking for high-performance video walls. It features advanced thermal management, where temperature sensors in each LED module control colors, brightness, and white balance. This strategy ensures that the component lasts longer than conventional displays.

5. Planar DirectLight X LED Video Wall System

Planar DirectLight X LED Video Wall System offers an automatic calibration and pixel-level redundant power with no cold joints, which cuts down on maintenance and producing high-quality video output, resulting in a seamless all-encompassing image.

6. Delta”s Indoor LED Video Wall

Delta’s indoor LED video wall offers slim bezels and exceptional brightness that allows the system to be used anywhere, including 24/7 control rooms, retail stores, hospitality, and educational institutions. It is accessible to repair and maintain, making it a great investment for those who need a long-lasting video wall.

In conclusion, Video walls provide a great way to grab audiences’ attention and immerse them in the experience. With more advancements being made every day, it’s crucial to research and choose the best system fitting for your needs. The six video wall systems presented in this article will undoubtedly deliver an immersive experience while being reliable, long-lasting, and feature-packed. Consider your options, choose your preferred video wall to present your ideas, aesthetics, and messaging in a visually pleasing way.