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Heated Jacket


Anyone who wants to stay comfortably warm this winter cannot do without a heated jacket. The days are getting shorter, it is getting dark faster and temperatures are dropping. If you want to be outside in winter, or you have to work outside, the least you want is to stay warm. You can dress for this by wearing many layers or a thick jumper, but nowadays the heated jacket is an ideal solution. Because the jacket has a heating element in several places, your whole body is warmed up and you can withstand the cold temperatures. If it gets too hot, turn down the heating or turn it off completely.

Two different jackets


The heated jacket is available in two different versions. First, there is the single heating jacket. This incorporates five heating elements, three on your back and two on the belly. These strategically placed heating elements heat your entire upper body. If you want an even warmer experience, there is the so-called dual heating version. As the name suggests, the jacket has twice as many heating elements as the single heating version. The heating elements are divided between the back, six, and the belly, four. Both jackets are adjustable in three different heat settings, however, the dual heating can be set per five zones. If it is not very cold outside but you want some heating you can just turn on one button of the dual heating. If you need extra heat, you can turn on both buttons and have all 10 heating elements at your disposal.

How its heated


The heating zones are powered by strong powerbanks. These allow you to heat the heated jacket wonderfully. The single heating version comes standard with 1 power bank, the dual heating version comes with two power banks. You can connect the power banks to a cable integrated in the pocket of the heated jacket. Basically, you can connect any power bank, so if you have your own power bank, you always have a spare one to hand. This way, you can use the heated jacket all day long.

For every condition


These jackets is wind and waterproof and made of a soft and flexible softshell fabric. There is a men’s and a women’s model. The heated jacket is therefore suitable for everyone and can be worn in many different conditions. Whether you are working outside, taking a nice winter walk or cycling to work, you can handle all weather conditions.


The heated jacket is available at Besides the heated jacket, there are many other items that can keep you warm. If you suffer from cold hands, there are the heated gloves and if you are looking for additional heating under your jacket, there is a heated hoodie or heated body warmer. BERTSCHAT┬« specialists can advise you on which heated products are suitable for you. At least you won’t have to catch a cold this winter.