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Edwin van der Sande – A dive with a crown!

The anticipation actually started a few days earlier. When we were watching animals in the aquariums of Oosterschelde Boven Water. It was nice to gather some information during the first weekend of our holiday. The avid divers of the Biological Working Group were of course able to answer the question of what can be seen in Zeeland at the moment. Well, you understand that the wish list was made right.

House reef

A few days later it was time. From the Witte Boulevard, our holiday home in Renesse, Plompe Toren suddenly feels like a house reef. Wonderfully close. Sofie had already been submerged at this site the day before, then I was allowed to climb the tower together with Hannah. Today the roles are reversed. It looks good from the side. I discuss the dive plan with Erik. Which way do we dive? How deep do we go? What do you hope to see underwater and capture on camera?

Once under water, we headed straight for our target. If there is time left, we will see if we meet other nice models. Erik was the first to grab his camera. Because I automatically started looking around me, I saw the first one not long after. Yes! Success! A horned blenny. The fish remained in the empty oyster and kept sticking its head out stubbornly. Croatia summer diving is found online. After I had taken some pictures I became curious if there might be more to see in the oyster and yes. Deep in the oyster I saw the golden purple eggs glittering. That is why the fish did not immediately swim away. Here the offspring had to be guarded. Unfortunately I am not able to get the eggs neatly in the picture.



I get the impression that the blenny doesn’t fully appreciate my visit and decides that I don’t want to disturb the fish for too long. I dive further and am curious if I will have more luck. A few meters further it is right again. Another example in an oyster. The way the eggs are in the oyster and the eggs are guarded reminds me a lot of the way the goby does this. Again a beautiful purple-gold egg package. Fortunately, this blenny can also be nicely captured in the photo. My mask starts to leak spontaneously, probably from the smile that appears on my face.

Not long afterwards, I was surprised to see a horned blenny sitting on top of an oyster. Surprised because the fish remains calm on its front fins and does not immediately swim away nervously. He actually allows me to take some pictures. Satisfied I swim back to shore. I’ve been in almost the same place for almost the entire dive. My first dive of our vacation is an instant gift. This dive will go down in the books as a dive with a crown!