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8 things you need in pocket size

You’ve probably heard it before: those mini-tubes and jars look nice, but what do you actually do with them? Here are 8 things that are handy to have with you in mini format, just in case…


It is always handy to have a bottle of sunscreen with you, especially if you are very sensitive to sunlight. You can always apply sun block to protect yourself against UV radiation. In the Netherlands, you don’t need litres of sun block, so a small spray or tube is sufficient.

Hand gel

A small tube of hand gel belongs, just like a portable vaporizer, in your bag or backpack. You never know in which dirty, unhygienic place you will end up and then it is nice to rub your hands with disinfectant gel.

Hand cream

Dry hands can always happen, so a mini tube of hand cream is no superfluous luxury. Of course, you can get hand cream in large tubes, but a travel size is less heavy and takes up less space.

Portable vaporizer

Away with the box of cigarettes or a whole carton of tobacco in your bag. A portable vaporizer is much more practical and looks nicer too.

Peppermints or sweets

Who doesn’t have sweets in their bag? Great for a quick snack in between meals and handy when you want to freshen up your breath. Fortunately, peppermints are available everywhere in handy, small packets.


Books are heavy. It’s nice to read during a train ride, but the large size makes it impractical to carry. There are also books in small formats that fit even in the smallest compartment of your bag. You need to have good eyes, because these books often use a small font.

Sewing kit

A small bag with a needle and thread can always come in handy when you need to sew on a button or mend the hem of your jumper last minute. Not only handy when you’re on the go, but also nice to have around.


Those with long hair will recognize that a hairbrush is a must, but that it is not nice to have such a big beast in your bag. Luckily, these are also available in travel sizes and can be folded away.